The 60-30 10 rule:
Posted by Red on July 22 2015 15:09:38

When coming up with a plan for your interior design, follow the 60-30-10 rule. This formula keeps the perfect balance in a room.

The best way to explain this formula is to compare it to a man in a business suit; 60% of his ensemble is his suit, 30% is his shirt and 10% is his tie. The same goes for a room; 60% should be the main color (the walls), 30% should be the upholstery or secondary color (such as an accent wall) and 10% should be the decorative elements.
60 - Sixty percent of a room should be a classic color or a color that is not too overwhelming. This color should get people’s overall attention, but shouldn’t be distracting.
30 - Try to tastefully balance the main color with this secondary color, both should either complement or contrast each other, but they shouldn’t compete with each other.
10 - Have fun with the last ten percent of interior decor; choose a bold accent or fun decorations that give the room character. You can have a lot more freedom with this small bit of color; use it to add panache to your interior design.

While the 60-30-10 rule operates primarily as a guideline for interior color schemes, it can help with exterior color schemes as well. One way to do this would be to paint all the sides of the house the dominant color, the shutters and trim the secondary color, and the front door a bold accent color. Although the percentages may not be exact, the formula will still present a pleasant, harmonious appearance to your home.