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    charlotte painters

    We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes.Our most popular products are shown below.Please call for more information on products,and custom options.
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    charlotte painters

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     Can you paint over wallpaper? (0)
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     Color Fun FACTS/This week the color Red (0)
    Feb, 03 -13 13:00
     What the disadvantages of Flat and Lower sheen paints? (0)
    Feb, 03 -13 12:52
     What are the advantages of Flat and Low Sheen paints? (0)
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     Low Bid:Not always Good Deal: (1)
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    Dec, 17 -12 17:30
     Q. I saw beautiful paint colors on my last vacation and have color chips I brought back. Can you match the color? (0)
    Dec, 14 -12 02:41
     How often should I paint the exterior of house? (0)
    Dec, 01 -12 18:38
     USMC Veterans: (1)
    Nov, 28 -12 19:24
     Crayon Marks on walls: (1)
    Nov, 18 -12 14:10
     I live in a gated community that requires an entry code. Do I have to be at home in order to get a written estimate for painting the exterior of my home? (0)
    Nov, 14 -12 21:41
     Classic Paint@Pinterest update: (0)
    Nov, 12 -12 22:04
      Fair price? What's that really mean? (0)
    Oct, 22 -12 02:10
     Classic Paint update: (1)
    Oct, 15 -12 19:46
     Tips for Growing Ivy on Your Home (0)
    Oct, 06 -12 23:44
     How to test if paint is oil or latex (0)
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     Silence is golden (0)
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     Don't forget about the fifth wall (0)
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     Why clean gutters (0)
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     Annoying Flyers in Mailbox (0)
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     Keep a Wet Edge (0)
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     Smart phone call button on the way soon on our website (1)
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     Do we service your area? (0)
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     Donate old paint: (0)
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      Why don’t you like oil-based products on exteriors (0)
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     Does paint get lighter or darker when it dries? (0)
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     Overwhelmed By Color Options? (0)
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     Front Doors (1)
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     Benefits Of Pressure Washing: (0)
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     Accent Walls: (0)
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     The 60-30 10 rule: (0)
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     What to do with leftover paint?We have the answer. (0)
    Mar, 18 -12 13:52
     Why Paint? (0)
    Feb, 21 -12 21:55
     How do I get started on my painting project? (0)
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     Simple Rule: (0)
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     Choosing Exterior Colors: (0)
    Feb, 19 -12 16:20
      5-Step Process for Interior House Painting (0)
    Feb, 19 -12 03:14
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    Make sure you got everything before you start painting:
    Here is a list of tools you are going to need:
    Drop clothes
    Sanding pole
    Putty knives
    Screw driver
    Caulking gun
    Work light
    Cutting bucket
    Roller tray
    Roller covers
    Extension pole
    (You will also need these materials):
    Patch or compound
    Caulking tubes
    Paint remover

    Can you paint over wallpaper?
    Painting over wallpaper is something that people do to save time when they want to improve their house.
    It can be done and most of the times comes out fine.
    There are instances though that you have to remove the wallpaper in order to achieve a smooth finish.( If the wallpaper has a heavy texture then you’re most likely better off to remove it.)
    If the wallpaper is smooth (no texture) you can patch without worrying that the patched area will come out different than the rest of the wall.
    How to paint over wallpaper?
    •Cut and remove the areas where the wallpaper is separated from the wall
    •Patch those areas with compound and sand
    •Caulk around the edges

    Color Fun FACTS/This week the color Red
    The color red is perhaps the most bold daring and dramatic of all. Red stops you in your tracks and demands attention. It often makes us think of stop signs, warning signals and fire engines. It is a versatile color with a vast number of connotations ranging from love and danger to sensuality and fear. Additionally, the color red often stands for courage, fire, masculinity, and energy.
    Remember mood rings? It’s funny that we used to think we needed a ring to tell us what we were feeling. While mood rings have never been proven to actually reveal our emotions, this popular 90’s finger bling definitely had its roots in science and psychology. Color can create emotional and even physical responses within us. Blue is a cold color, it’s calming and creative. Red on the other hand is warm, active, and energizing. Our reactions to colors change our overall mood and sometimes even changes things within our bodies such as our heart rates, blood pressure, and body temperature! It is even rumored to make you feel hungrier!

    What the disadvantages of Flat and Lower sheen paints?
    They are less stain and scuff resistant than higher sheen paints, so they should not be used on surfaces that will be handled, washed or scrubbed frequently.
    They are less moisture resistant than higher sheen finishes, so they are not the best choice for areas that are exposed to high humidity levels, like in bathrooms, or on any surfaces that will be washed frequently.

    What are the advantages of Flat and Low Sheen paints?
    They provide even light reflection and give the surface a softer, more uniform look.
    They don’t highlight surface imperfections like higher sheen paints, so they usually don’t require as much surface preparation (like patching, texturing or sanding) prior to painting.
    They are much less likely to show “lap marks”, so they are generally easier to apply and touch up than higher sheen paints. (When one painted section dries before the next section is painted, the two sections won’t flow together into a uniform film, resulting in a “lap mark.”)
    They don’t need to be sanded or de-glossed before repainting, unlike higher sheen paints.

    Low Bid:Not always Good Deal:

    So yesterday I went to look at a job fairly close to shop (thank goodness). As I arrived I was met by the homeowner who greeted me and swapped greetings and I handed him my card. After that the homeowner said “I’ve got two bids so far, you’re the third. The price you need to beat is $ ???? (didn’t want to fill in exact amount)....
    At that point our meeting fizzled out after discovering he wanted the “low bid”....
    So to clarify, the low bid isn’t always the “worst” or the “best”. For some people their only stipulation for hiring a contractor is the price.
    Big mistake....Here’s why.....
    After 20 + years in business I’ve seen a lot (started to say I’ve seen it all). We have fixed countless projects these “low bid” contractors started and either:
    Didn’t finish work took a deposit and never returned, work only to leave before they finished or did terrible work, called it finished, and either got paid and left, or homeowner only paid part or all after they so called “completed” the job.
    -Don't pay twice to have Painting done Right-call Red save Green.

    Q: Can you paint vinyl siding?
    A: In years past in order to paint vinyl siding, you would have to use a similar paint color or one that was lighter than the present color of the siding. The reason was that darker colors absorb more heat than lighter colors and would lead to buckling and poor paint adhesion. Today, with the new “vinyl safe” paints that are on the market, your color choices are not limited as they once were and you can now use a darker color if you choose to.

    Welcome 2013 with "New Colors"
    As the new year has arrived. Nothing better than fresh clean paint.Call for that estimate.Looking foward and welcome 2013.

    Q. I saw beautiful paint colors on my last vacation and have color chips I brought back. Can you match the color?

    A. Yes.Classic Paint can match any color in any brand of paint.

    How often should I paint the exterior of house?

    Answer: Exterior painting: Every 7-9 years
    Exterior Stained Siding: Every 3-5 years

    USMC Veterans:
    :Each year Classic Paint give's something back somewhere/somehow.This year we are going Monday Lancaster,SC to paint the exterior of the USMC veterans building on us..Feel so proud to help this Marines that have been there for all of us when we needed them most!!

    Crayon Marks on walls:
    If you have little ones, you know they can be creative and messy. Having a creative child is wonderful, but sometimes that creativity can end up in undesired areas, like the walls of your home. If you come home to some unwanted crayon art, there is a pretty easy way to tackle those stains and you probably already have it in your house. If you apply a small amount of baking soda to a damp cloth and gently scrub the painted areas it will usually lift the markings from the wall without much effort. Since baking soda can be slightly abrasive, test it on a part of your wall that isn’t highly visible to make sure it doesn’t damage the interior paint you have chosen. After you have scrubbed the area wipe off any excess water or baking soda and dry off the wall..

    I live in a gated community that requires an entry code. Do I have to be at home in order to get a written estimate for painting the exterior of my home?

    Classic Paint has encountered this situation many times, and we use a simple, safe process. Our customers call us and provide their home address and gate code. We then provide a written estimate and place it in your door. Please know that your information is treated with respect and remains confidential. If you have specific concerns, please call Red:704-507-3592. He will personally answer your questions.

    Classic Paint@Pinterest update:
    Classic Paint is now pinned on Pinterest.Any place you are on the web..Got to make sure Classic Paint is also there somewhere.
    Twitter/classicpainter....F/B/Classic Paint..
    -- Just relax--We take care of all your Painting --

    Fair price? What's that really mean?
    What exactly do you mean by a "fair price?"
    Price is obviously a question we hear a lot. Since it is unlikely that we will be the lowest price you’ll receive, we think it’s important for you to know why that is:
    Consider who you’re inviting into your home. Are they trustworthy, reliable and clean? Are they sensitive to pets? Have there been background checks on everyone entering your home?
    Make sure you know exactly how much time is planned to complete the job
    Find out what surface preparation will be done and what that entails
    Demand the highest quality materials be used
    Understand fully exactly what the price covers. All painters are not equal. Compare the bids you receive to see where the scope of work is different from Classic Paint.

    Classic Paint update: is now live on smart phones.
    Always trying to keep things up to date and simple.

    Tips for Growing Ivy on Your Home
    If you want to add ivy to your home or landscape design, it’s best to:
    •Grow on Masonry: Limit ivy to well-built, solid masonry walls. Make sure there are no cracks or loose bricks.
    •Avoid Invasive Species: The common English ivy is so invasive that it is banned in some communities. Look for less invasive species (or even alternatives like climbing roses) that won’t threaten neighboring trees, woods, and houses.
    •Protect Wood: Keep ivy pruned away from wooden trim work, gutters, and windows. If you’re growing ivy on a wooden structure, keep a close watch and remove any invading stems.
    •Keep Contained: Remember that the tiny, hairlike tendrils will take firm hold on textured surfaces and leave a hard to remove residue behind, so keep ivy trained only where you want it.

    How to test if paint is oil or latex

    First, scrub a small area with a solution of household detergent and warm water. Rinse well and towel dry. Then soak a cotton ball, Q tip or soft rag in alcohol and rub it back and forth over the cleaned area. If paint comes off, it’s latex. If not, it’s oil based. In either case, proper prep is key.

    Silence is golden
    You’ll notice that we do a lot of “prep work” in getting your room ready for painting.Classic painters will cover all furniture and the floor, moving all pieces to the middle of the room prior to painting. We will remove or cover all wall switches and outlet plates.

    You will notice these things, but what you may not notice is our desire to be as quiet as possible. No loud radios or high-volume conversation. We do that in respect to our customers - you need to continue on with your daily work without disturbances, so we’re committed to be as orderly as possible.

    Don't forget about the fifth wall
    Your room’s ceiling is an important part of the overall paint job, yet some people make the mistake of ignoring it. It’s a tricky decision, so be careful. Be selective on the type of white you use, if you are going with a white ceiling – it can either add a good contrast or be too powerful and take away from some of the rich tones on the walls you’ve just painted.

    However, if you want to change the ceiling’s hue and give it a color similar to the other four walls, remember that ceilings tend to look darker, so consider your choice based on the height of the room – if the room is less than nine feet tall, make it a few shades lighter than the rest of the walls. If the ceiling is higher than nine feet, you can have a darker hue in order to “shorten the height” and give the room a more comforting feel.

    Why clean gutters
    Often ignored and neglected, gutters are one of the most vital systems on a house. Capturing rain and funneling it away from the home, gutters protect a structure in several respects. That is why gutter cleaning and leak repair is an important maintenance item that should not be overlooked.

    In the autumn months, you are fortunate to enjoy the beautiful change of seasons in the Carolina's. Unfortunately, the residue of the season appears in our gutters, with leaves clogging the waterways and downspouts. In some cases, gutters that aren’t cleaned end up with composted leaves and seeds creating small botanical gardens along the eaves of a house!
    Gutters that are blocked with leaves and debris pose a hazard in numerous ways. When water cannot flow freely because of leaf dams, it can pool up and overflow, creating leaks that lead to interior water damage and mold problems. Additionally, overflowing gutters can become too heavy for their supports, becoming twisted or even falling off the house. Finally, clogged gutters can quickly create massive ice-dams in winter, which can ruin a roof and cause more leakage.
    Classic Paint checks and cleans all gutters and downspouts when painting exteriors.

    Annoying Flyers in Mailbox
    Have you ever seen one of those specials for painting where they will paint three rooms for $299.99?

    There was one I recently read online for a local painting company offering to paint a room for $80. Really? I see these deals all the time and they annoy me, to say the least. Just the other day, I got a flyer stuck in my door advertising one of these speacials. I almost threw it in the trash before I decided to do a bit of investigating about what you really get with these deals.
    Here is the math and what I found out. You decide if it's worth the price.
    The flyer that was stuck to my door was an offer to paint 3 rooms for $350. When I called to get more details, the contractor told me they would paint the walls in 3 standard size bedrooms (up to 140 sf.) with 2 coats of a mid-quality paint. The price would include paint and labor, but would not include the painting of closets, wood trim or ceilings. He also specified that all 3 rooms had to have the same color and product, there was to be no prep work and most of the furniture had to be removed from the room before they started work.
    They didn't include that info on their flyer and it is no wonder!

    You need about 4 gallons of paint to do three rooms. Using a medium grade paint at a contractor volume discount price will cost at least $80(plus).It's part of the reason why the contractor insists all the paint be the same for all three rooms because, if he had to change colors, he would need to buy more paint. The other reason is the time he would need to spend cleaning brushes, rollers and trays. But what if you don't want all three rooms to be the same color?
    When was the last time you got a room ready for painting? Moving furniture, taking down pictures, curtains and blinds. Don't forget to remove all plates off of switches and plugs and to remove all wall vent covers. No respectable painter would paint around plugs and switches with the plates still on.
    (This is the reason we DO NOT use flyers):and never will:

    Keep a Wet Edge
    When painting your interior our exterior of the house, it’s important to constantly keep a wet edge, and be sure to always paint away from the edge. If you paint over dry paint, you will get overlap marks, so having a wet edge prevents these marks.

    Smart phone call button on the way soon on our website
    (NOTE CLICKING ANY OF THE NUMBERS ABOVE FROM YOUR MOBILE PHONE WILL CALL US AUTOMATICALLY) on Home page and Contact page helps you out when veiwing site on smart phones. We are in the process of having this site sized to fit smartphones with a thumbnail call button which will also be applied to all website pages.will post when ready.

    Do we service your area?
    Charlotte- Mint Hill- Pineville- Matthews- Kannapolis- Concord,-Mt. Pleasant- Harrisburg- Huntersville- Cornelius- Lake Norman- Mooresville- Statesville- Salisbury- Landis-China Grove- Rockwell- Davidson- Midland- Locust- Stanfield- Oakboro- Monroe- Unionville- Fairview- Weddington- Indian Trail- McAdenville- Spencer Mountain- Cherryville- Belmont- Ranlo- Bessemer City- Kings Mountain- Mt. Holly- Troutman- Denver- Dallas- Waco- High Shoals- Lowell- Wesley Chapel- Stallings- Marvin-Hemby Bridge- Waxhaw- Harmony- New London- NC.
    Rock Hill- Tega Cay-Lancaster- Lake Wiley- Lake Park-Fort Mill SC-Cabarrus- Rowan- Iredell- Union- Stanly- Mecklenburg and all York counties since 1985:

    Donate old paint:
    This is an avenue many don’t think to go down, but donation is a great way to get rid of your excess paints. There are many schools, churches, and countless other organizations that will gladly accept paint and put it to use in their own painting projects. Speak with your local recycling center to see if any establishments are accepting paint donations. Once again you can utilize sources such as Earth911 for local paint recycling centers.

    Why don’t you like oil-based products on exteriors
    A: Ultraviolet rays in sunlight break down oil-based products faster than waterborne equivalents.

    Does paint get lighter or darker when it dries?
    A: A bucket of latex paint is about half water. As the water evaporates from newly applied paint, the pigments concentrate together and the color darkens.

    Overwhelmed By Color Options?
    There are thousands of colors to choose from, so, start by finding colors that are pleasing to you. A good indicator is your closet. The colors you see there are the ones that you feel most comfortable with and best reflect your personality.

    Front Doors
    The front door is the first thing that welcomes visitors -- and prospective buyers -- into your home. Make a great first impression by choosing the perfect color for your front door, try riding around your neighborhood looking at doors to see what looks good for your home.

    Benefits Of Pressure Washing:
    Pressure washing is a great way to create a healthier environment for your family, it’s a cost effective way to add curb appeal and value to your property. You will be ridding the surface free of dirt, mold, mildew, tannin stains from leaves and sticks, rubber marks from tires, oil, & irrigation rust. Mold, mildew, dirt and dust can cause health problems.

    Accent Walls:

    An accent wall is a popular way to spice up any room in your house or office.
    An accent wall is one wall within a room that is painted a different shade or color than the other three walls in that room. The wall that is accented is usually the first wall that is seen upon entering that room. An accent wall can be used to highlight a large focal point on or near that wall (tv, entertainment center, bed, fireplace, bookcase).

    The 60-30 10 rule:
    . When coming up with a plan for your interior design, follow the 60-30-10 rule. This formula keeps the perfect balance in a room.

    The best way to explain this formula is to compare it to a man in a business suit; 60% of his ensemble is his suit, 30% is his shirt and 10% is his tie. The same goes for a room; 60% should be the main color (the walls), 30% should be the upholstery or secondary color (such as an accent wall) and 10% should be the decorative elements.
    60 - Sixty percent of a room should be a classic color or a color that is not too overwhelming. This color should get people’s overall attention, but shouldn’t be distracting.
    30 - Try to tastefully balance the main color with this secondary color, both should either complement or contrast each other, but they shouldn’t compete with each other.
    10 - Have fun with the last ten percent of interior decor; choose a bold accent or fun decorations that give the room character. You can have a lot more freedom with this small bit of color; use it to add panache to your interior design.

    While the 60-30-10 rule operates primarily as a guideline for interior color schemes, it can help with exterior color schemes as well. One way to do this would be to paint all the sides of the house the dominant color, the shutters and trim the secondary color, and the front door a bold accent color. Although the percentages may not be exact, the formula will still present a pleasant, harmonious appearance to your home.

    What to do with leftover paint?We have the answer.
    If you have some unwanted paint can take the lid off and let the paint dry up....then it can be thrown away safely, throw it away with the lid off to, so if someone finds it they know that it is not liquid.

    Why Paint?
    Whether it be interior or exterior, each home, professionally painted either increases it’s value, or retains it’s current market value, depending upon the condition and location. One profound thing is that those homeowners improving their homes are protecting and extending the life of their building materials for lasting enjoyment. Investing in paint improvements is not only a wise choice, but enjoying new paint colors, schemes, and decoration either interior or exterior, because lets face it, you have to live somewhere, so keeping your home value.

    How do I get started on my painting project?

    Getting started is easy! Give Classic Paint a call and Red will come to your house to discuss what you want done, walk around and look at the property and give you an estimate. This is all done at your convenience!

    What methods does Classic Paint use?
    Every paint job has different requirements and Red chooses which method to use based on those variables.Red assesses each job individually and will use whatever methods are necessary to get the job done right.

    Is the cost of paint included in the estimate?
    Yes, the estimate is all inclusive.

    Can Classic Paint help me chose a color scheme?
    Choosing the colors for your home is as personal as getting dressed in the morning, so the final color decisions will always be in your hands. However, we are happy to assist in the process of choosing colors; Red is also willing to paint sample swatches of color to aid in your decision making process.

    How long would it take to complete a job?
    The length of time that each job takes is based on variables such as the size of the job, the number of details, and outside factors such as weather. However, Classic Paint guarantees that all jobs will be completed in an efficient and timely manner. We are committed to respecting your home by getting the job done quickly while doing the highest quality work. Also, unlike other contractors, Red only works one job at a time, meaning we will not have to compromise your time and our resources in order to complete your job.

    What extra services can Classic Paint provide?
    Red does not just paint! We offer a wide array of other services including: drywall and plaster repair, cabinetry painting, light carpentry and rotten wood repair, decking and wallpaper removal. Red will also facilitate moving furniture and covering any surfaces that could be damaged in the performance of our work with no extra charge to you.

    Simple Rule:
    We only give you superior detailed quality work.

    Our teams are all professional and easy to converse with.

    We take extra time to get the job done correctly.

    We use the best materials for the job. Is your caulk cracked? Ours won't.

    We remove your electrical switch covers -instead of attempting to paint "around" them.

    Our experience enables us to give our customers some of the best detailed work possible. We take 20% more time per job (than the other crews) to give you a 20% discount that dosen't exist.

    Our various team members have specialties in virtually every home improvement area except lawn, garden and pool. Sorry, we had to draw the line somewhere and that would have been way too much equipment to carry around.

    Choosing Exterior Colors:
    Choosing Exterior Colors:

    The colors you choose for your home's exterior will have the greatest impact on first impressions. We can help you choose a color palette that will make you smile every time you come home!

    Things to consider when choosing exterior colors:

    •If neighboring homes are situated very close to yours, be sure that your colors will be compatible. For example, two very different shades of gold may appear to clash instead of harmonize.

    •Are there details on your home that can be highlighted with a contrasting or complementary color? Shutters, trim, or the front door can serve as a canvas for a punch of creative color.

    •Collect pictures that inspire you from books or magazines. Reviewing these pictures can help you narrow your focus when selecting colors.

    •Look around other neighborhoods for color inspiration, too. Make note of color schemes that catch your eye and consider their adaptability to your own home.

    5-Step Process for Interior House Painting
    The Classic Paint :5-Step Process for Interior House Painting:

    1.Set Up
    Items are placed in the center of the room and covered with clean, new plastic sheeting. All floors are protected with drop cloths.
    Based on your requests, holes and cracks in ceilings and walls are filled; stains are sealed, and surfaces are scuff sanded.
    Repaired areas are primed, and premium quality paint is applied to a uniform finish.
    Furniture and accessories are moved back to their desired locations. Floors and carpets are vacuumed and swept. All of our materials are removed.
    After our own inspection, you are invited to inspect our work and asked to complete the feedback card for the crew.

    Added new page
    Testimonials page--Fill it out--Check back and read some reveiws about what and how we perform.

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